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Unp skin texture compilation


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Contains most popular unp skin textures.

  • All of them have been blended.
  • Each .rar contains eveything from /female folder, texture/normal/specular.
  • Might now work properly on vampires.


There is one big .rar file which contains all individual .rar files. The big one contains:

  • Barbarian - eveything from barbarian texture mod
  • Barbarian Sweat - same as above but with sweat added
  • Fair Skin - eveything from fair skin texture mod
  • Mature Barbarian All the stuff - mature skin with moles,scars and with barbarian muscles
  • Mature Barbarian All the stuff Dry - same as above but with less shine
  • Mature Clean - mature skin with no mole/scars/etc.
  • Mature Clean - same as above but with less shine
  • Milkdrinker - eveything from milkdrinker texture mod
  • Milkdrinker Sweat - same as above bit with sweat added
  • Real Girls - eveything from real girls texture mod
  • Real Girls Dry - same as above but with less shine
  • Sunburn Bikini - tan with bikini lines
  • Sunburn Thong - tan with thong lines


I didn't do all the combination possible, so if you want lets say, fair skin with barbarina muscle just copy paste the normals from barb to spec etc. you know the drill.


This works with NMM, but add the individual file, not the big .rar that contains all of them.


link for download: MEGA LINK


I made this for myself, and decided to share it.

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Do you know EBD (EveryBody is Different)?



It compliments you uploaded files well. I just downloaded it and was going to set it up for only two sets of skin textures (i think "Mature Skin" with moles and scars and "True Daughters of Skyrim 4k" are the best). But the install process, if you wanna call it that way, is so ardeous, that I gave up early on. Its not impossible or overly complicated to understand, but so much micro management of files and folders to set the installation up, that it would be awesome, if you could create the folder structure for it with files in it and upload it here.

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How do i get custom body textures to work with custom races?

For example I am using the Ningheim race and UNP but the Real Girls texture does not show up ingame


The obvious question would be: did you replace the files within the "custom races" mod? It's not enough to simply install the texture pack (because it installs itself into Skyrim \ Data \ Textures), you have to move it into the subfolder of the race mod.


If I'm not mistaken, you can btw. use a separate texture mod for every custom race you create / use. Meaning: custom Nord can have real girls, custom Redguard gets SG etc.

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