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mesh skeletons


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Why do most armor and body mods say "requires UNP or xpms skeleton" ?


if xpms is available on every body type, if combined with a bodyslide patch, any armor would fit any body mesh.


so what is the point of these people posting this?


xpms is a skeleton which is required for tbbp, chrsbch, bbx, Tera, HH-HDT, and a variety of other main mods that alter a person or followers body.


So far ive used all the different body models in my game, running with 0 errors or conflicts. even ran LOOT, still no errors.


A few need to be cleaned, but not worried about 9ITM errors. 

I have no CTD's no lag or hits in performance, and i have everything set to nearly the full potential of my 4gb severily overclocked video card.

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