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Help tweak this plugin please


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one of my fave mods, but it makes the need to eat, drink ,sleep way to frequent. i spend too much time on it. the mod author states we can tweak the needs values to be longer, but i have no idea what values to change. i'm using TES5EDIT because i've never been able to get the CK to install correctly. tried multiple times but always get errors.

anyone know what values to change in the esp to make eating, drinking, and especially sleeping go for longer intervals before i need to do it? thanks

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thanks. i've used most "needs" mods and really prefer ZF Primary. the animations for many actions, and the bathing are things i'd like to keep. ZF is just about perfect for me...cept for the damn frequency! in my many years on the planet, i've never HAD to eat, drink and sleep this often lol. hell i used to go multiple days w/o food and sleep...and i wasn't even trying to save the world from dragons! even at my advanced age, i still don't get 8 hours sleep a night. 4-6 usually. ZF bitches like crazy if i do that lol

so if anyone could give me pointers on what to change w/ TES5EDIT to get the frequency down on this, i'd much appreciate it!

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