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Make the player follow an NPC?


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I found this mod for Oblivion:



I was wondering if anyone has done something like that for Skyrim, or if there's a way I can mimic that effect through console commands? 


Sometimes I like to use Immersive FP project to "switch" from a player character to an NPC for roleplaying reasons. Being able to have the player follow an NPC would be awesome.



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Unfortunately, that mod does not behave the way I want it to. It only works if the player has control.



Essentially, what I want to do is make an NPC move to a location not in their normal AI package, and have the player follow.


I was hoping to find a way to release player control, and take control of an actor, then have the player follow with normal AI. However, this does not work with Duke Patrick's mod, because it only works if the player character has player control rather than an actor.


I would be just as happy if there were a way, even a console command, to make an actor walk to a cell of my choosing, which I would then follow myself. In fact, I would prefer it that way, but I already tried extensively to find a way to do that to no avail.

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