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4GB Fallout New Vegas


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Hello, I have my eye on a mod that requires the use of the 4GB MOD. The 4GB mod will start the game. Will sexout still work for me, being started in this way and not from the FOMM from SCR?


My Rig:

ASUS Sabretooth P67 MB

Intel i7 Quad Core 


GEForce GTX 570 w/1280 mem

SoundBlaster Xfi

Windows 7 Ultimate 64

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Just as a 'Doh!' from myself, but try to get to use, (or get used to), Mod Organiser. Learning curve isn't that way out, (ref gopher videos for, erm, reference). May take a little more management than just dumping stuff in your install directory, but in the long term you should be quite happy with installing stuff and unclicking it when it goes tits up(*)


(*) Yes I know that if the applied mod has a script, and you've run it for a bit, it's going to go horribly on a saved games if you remove it, but it's still very good for textures and animations, etc. But removing those is just a click  - and you can't say that for the 'other' methods.

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