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Idea: Sounds from Smash Bros


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So I was playing Smash Bros on 3DS, and in the "Vault" section under "Sounds", you can not only listen to music from the game, but the characters' sound effects as well. And let me tell you, some of the female fighters make pretty enjoyable sounds when fighting and being defeated. So, i wanted to rip the female fighter sounds from the game and make a new sex sounds and voices mod for Sexlab. Anyone know how I'd go about that? My first thought was to just play the sounds from my 3DS and record them into the computer, but I'm sure the sound quality would drop, and was wondering if anyone else had a better idea. Maybe an AV cable plugged from the 3DS headphone jack to the speaker jack on the computer and recording them there?  If that works, or if anyone has a better idea, let meknow!

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