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MO CBBE BodySlider : Requires Elevation to Run

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So recently, I moved all the mods I had in my local hard drive to another one to save space. I simply made a new folder and directed MO to it and it was done. However, even though all other programs such as Wyre Bash and ASIS work, BodySlider doesn't want to work. Whenever I turn activate it through the list of executables, it tells me, "This process requires elevation to run. This is a potential security risk so I highly advice you to investigate if CBBE can be installed to work without elevation." When I start, right away BodySlider immediately crashes. I don't know if it is possibly the change of location of the executable from one hard drive to another, but I can't be bothered with trying to find out with such limited space in my local drive. Tell me Lovers Lab, what do?

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BodySlide.exe is set to require admin elevation, because it needs that to write to certain places (like Program Files, etc.).

Just go to where it sits, right-click it, open the properties and set it to always run as admin.


If you're still on Windows XP, run BodySlideWXP.exe instead.

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I have no problem opening directly, like by just double clicking it, but I'm having trouble opening it up through MO. Actually, now that I think about it, do I actually have to set the BodySlide as an executable for it? I always assume that every mod that contains some sort of program has to be checked up with MO.

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