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NPC face and body color mismatch after sex

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Hey guys. I just started playing fallout new Vegas few days ago and installed few mods from here at loverslab. Im coming from Skyrim, so im not entirely new to modding.


Having said that, Im having an issue where when a sex scene starts, the NPC's body would suddenly change color to something entirely different; the face color seems to remain unchanged. Ive had various colors ranging from purple to yellowish hue on my NPC body colors. The body color change seems to be permanent, and remains mismatched with the face color after sex scene ends. I also noticed that a slave girl at cottonwood (who was not involved in the sex scene at all) had a purpleish body color while her face was tan. I have not installed any body or texture mod (aside from what already came with sexout). These are my mods in their load order:



Sexout store

Sexout legion

Sexout assault

Sexout fadetoblack


Anyone know what could be the problem? Thanks!!

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Try :


In your Fallout.ini file, under [General] section :

bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 (Add the line if needed)


I made the is change to the ini file in the game folder and it worked, if it still doesn't maybe try your ini file in my document\my games\falloutnv

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