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[Request] Idle Sit Animation


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I am really interested in getting a new sit animation. Mainly for the female NPCs and my female character. The sitting seems uncomfortable to me. The legs are closed tightly and the arms are right in front of the character. Something with a sexy leg crossing or even just a more relaxed hand posture would be really cool.


Anyone working on anything like this?!

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But that's actually the proper ladylike way of sitting! It always looked funny in Oblivion where both genders had the same legspready sitting animation ^^ (especially on the countesses and characters like that)


Though anyways yah I would like some alternative animations too! An option to switch between different idles on the fly and assign them to specific NPCs would be total heaven!


Actors in Charge can't come out soon enough ._.

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Well, legs close like that and hands on the knees means she is nervous according to psychology. She IS uncomfortable, its a nervous girl way of sitting.:sleepy:


There is a good alternative sitting animation in one of the oblivion mods--Vipcxj's high heel mod. That one is much more ladylike.:D

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Really? I know Elisif always looked like that to me but I think the player sitting animation was different? But maybe it's because I haven't played since december ._. I guess I'll just take you on your word!


Oh! And I loved that animation too! It was cute and sexy but not exaggerated. By the way do you know if Vipcxj intends to mod for Skyrim? It would be amazing! (And maybe give me a reason to start playing it again...)

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