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Fixing Hair Alignments/Clippings [Oblivion]


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THIS IS THE OLD THREAD, I THOUGHT I'D RE-POST THIS SINCE IT IS ARCHIVED AND BELONGS IN THE VOID. Maybe people will shed a light on this on how to do this quickly and more properly.


Here's the hair some people are asking for. Its SKS New 20

Note : The hair has been aligned for Final Fantasy Race(FF Race) the .egm file is also for the FF Race. You can generate your own .egm file for your head mesh by using a program called "Conformulator"

To align your hair with your head mesh here's a cheap trick I found. You will need "Nifskope"

Step #1





Step #2





Step #3

WARNING : THE X, Y, and Z will render different directions when changed in nifskope don't mind them, just remember what is said in the picture16751633.jpg


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