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Oblivion mod help

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Im pretty sure this thread is here somewhere, however i cant seem to figure it out. So ive been trying to install several mods, however im just having issues all together. from finding the right face mod and graphics overhauls, to trying to get OBSE to work with my steam copy. In fact, when using OMM or the Nexus mod manager to try and launch oblivion, i get an error from steam app, re-installed steam and the game, same error, same when trying to run obse itself. Im not sure what im doing wrong, i cant reinstall windows as theres too much of a hassle.




this example above is what im wanting the game to look like, especialy the faces, but i cant figure them out. i Do know that the body mod is a New Manga body mod, and i managed to get Rens beauty pack installed as well as the custom race fix, but thats all ive gotten to work, the models are still kind of ugly, and idk what im doing wrong. thank you in advance for any and all help!

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But you can reinstall Oblivion if you have it in C:\ programfiles (x86).....

Many programs and plugins can have Problems if Obilion is in the programfiles (x86) Folder (OBSE, Pluggy, Construction set,...)

Read the Link in my signature !  click the yellow line.

How to move game and steam.

How to use OBSE and steam (not with the OBSE loader exe ! you must use the Original Oblivion exe )


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