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Hello all!

My contribution to the Sexout community here have been kinda sporadic lately and will be even more so in the coming months.

I will still continue to come in here and have a look at how stuff is going and all that, but:


1. All started projecst have been put on ice.

2. All current plugins will hereby not be supported or further developed by me.


There are several reasons for this:

1. I havent played Fallout since like July 2011.. Not even one single character apart from one test character.

2. I am not really all that good at modding tbh

3. I am currently juggling a workload at about 200% and will continue to do so for a couple more months, then I go on vacation for a month or two having a look at Asia and the middle east.

4. IF I decide to make a mod in between everything I think I'll make a skyrim mod, since I at least play that occasionaly.

5. There are too many games coming that looks promising, so I will probably waste much of my free time on those...



But you all have been a great crowd to mod with and for and I hope to still be a part of the community here! And I might just decide to make another plugin or three in the future!


I invite anyone interested to take over my plugins and make em even more epic! And since they are all my babies I would like it if you mentioned me in the credits if you take it over ;)



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Sad to hear you won't be modding NV, but glad to hear you're not leaving for good.


Tryout would not be what it is now if not for you improving what was on Nexus then porting it over to Sexout! I learned a lot of how to build mods from you.

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Hi Bromm,


I've been fiddling around, trying to get Sexout working with Fallout 3. Maybe you've read the thread, but SexoutSex is one of the plugins that I've been successful with.


I guess I can assume this is OK with you, then. Very good job, btw. :D



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