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mod to make an added npc dance? non triggered


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hi guys an gals if any,


i hope to be pointed into the right direction.. i wanna make a new mod where I will add maybe 1 or 2 chicks to most pubs in skyrim, somehours durimg day, they will inside drinking, after hours they start dancing outside or inside or both..


so I need dance animations..

and advise,


i understand using creation kit to make people do things, tell them where to do at times etc...


i am familar with dance mods

but they must be triggered on a npc.. or salena she must be activated to dance..


i like with falloutNV there was a mod or at least default to the game was a few erotic dancers i think the mod simply added more!


can it be done with skyrim, where if I create a babe in creation kit, make it so she dances by default, allday or just for a few hours a day.


or because the shake it mod is not part of the game... not really possible..



its possible perhaps by replacing a boring skyrim animation, idk.. something like the playing the bongos.. animation change that to a dance move..

then some drunks in pubs will dance. hahaha


ideas? would that work?


thanks a heap.

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