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(SOLVED) Papyrus - Check for keyword on Actor using string variable


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Actors can have keywords associated to them.


The question is how can you check for the keyword at the most basic level?



keywords: "billytheactor", "soldierofvhfaction"




;how can we just use a simple ****ng string?!

if akspeaker.haskeyword("billytheactor")

debug.messagebox("we're speaking to billy the actor!")



There has to be a way to simply check an actor for keywords by passing a string or something similar.


SKSE has a GetName() function that I'll probably end up using if I can't figure this out.


Basically I need to modify SOS's script so it stops schlongifying everyone and instead checks each actor for a keyword or something that can be added to exclude that actor from being schlonged.

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