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Question for the animation/skeleton experts


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I don't know if this fits in Where Can I Find... Mods, feel free to move the post in there if you want.


There's a mod I remember playing with in Oblivion... Growlf's Body Resizing Mod probably? It did two things: bigger boobs and longer legs.


Bigger boobs was just like the mods that are around now, it scaled the breast nodes. Longer legs was a little trickier... I THINK, from what I remember taking the mod apart a long time ago, that it played a special animation that translated some leg nodes downward, making the legs grow down into the ground without making the girl any taller, then it used HDT Highheels system to raise the entire girl back up to ground level. I think the reason for HDT highheels was because Lovers turned it off when active, so all the animations still lined up right even though the girl was a lot taller than normal.


But... I tried playing with the animation stuff but I don't have enough time to really learn it. I don't even really play Skyrim anymore... Is there anyone who knows this system well enough who could tell me if this leg lengthening is possible in Skyrim?

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Node translation will be possible there? I tried scaling the leg nodes with a racemenu plugin a while ago and it wasn't at all what I was looking for, so I think it was just simple downward translation.

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