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Skyrim Not Playing With Mods Despite Being Active

Adam Jensen

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I have the weirdest issue right now. Yesterday, I played Skyrim all fine and dandy but today, for some odd reason, when I load the game or click on new game, it acts as if I didn't have any mods active. For example, I have alternate start, yet when I click on new game, it starts with the vanilla intro. I thought it was an skse issue, but is not recognizing mods that do not use SKSE. Anybody knows what might be the cause? 

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Nevermind, just figured it out. Despite that my load order only has 190 mods, I still had way too many esps in the data folder. Deleting a chunk of those fixed the problem. I'm writing this for future reference, in case someone has the same issue at some point. 

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start learning how to merge those mods into a couple of mods and then you can have your cake and eat it to.


I actually merged over 80 mods a few days ago. Sadly I forgot to delete their esps. I have way too many esps, because when I started modding, I usually kept them even if I disable them, just in case I wanted then again. I know better now and delete all unused esps, but I still got to trim a lot of fat. 

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