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LOOT not working in MO

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Hello everyone !


So i downloaded LOOT , made it as an executable and everything was fine , i pressed sort plugins and it appears that it didn't sort anything , it only showed DLCS and unofficial patches priority as -999000   , and in the report viewer i got this error :


"Failed to set the load order. Details: libloadorder failed to set the load order. Details: Invalid load order supplied. Details: "Skyrim.esm" is not the first plugin in load order."


Although skyrim.esm is first in load order , do i need to change the install path in the LOOT setting in order for it to work with MO ?


sorry if this was answered before ^^ i did search but i failed to find any one with the same error ,  and thanks .

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Yes , I read somewhere that LOOT that is intergrated in MO is kind of an old version , that's why i tried to install the standalone version , since i was having problems with the included version , but i guess i will do with making it sort stuff then I work on some logical sorting at the end to make things right :P .


Thanks guys

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