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Console Commands?

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Hopefully a quick and easy question about NG.


Are there a series of console commands that can be used to bump up the sex count for each style (anal, oral, vaginal) and the sex level? I ask this in light of constantly having to do clean saves for during the update process. It would be nice to not loose or at least replace a characters sexual experiance level.

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you don't have to do clean saves with sexout, not with the esm anyway. Some of the esps suggest that you should do so when updating them, but sexout isn't one of them. You can safely update it without bothering with a clean save unless I say otherwise in the release notes, which isn't very often.


For your question, yes, you can do it from the console, it works just like any other sexout variable. When you start, the console will print the form IDs (with your load order taken into account) of Sexout, SexoutNG, and SexoutBegin (the spell).


Using the formID of Sexout you can do 'set "form id here".numVaginal to some_number'.


The variables are all available in the main sexout quest script: 00SexoutQuestScript.


short numRaped ; Times Player has been raped
short numRape ; Times player has raped others
short numSex ; Times player has had sex
short caughtSTD ; Times caught STDs
short spreadSTD ; Times spread STDs
short sexyness ; Player sexyness
short lewdness ; Player lewdness
float lust ; Player lust
float frequency ; Frequency of sex

; Experience
short expVag
short expAnal
short expOral
short sexExp
short sexLevel
short expLevel

; More Counters
short numVaginal
short numAnal
short numOral
short numMale
short numFemale
short numMonster


Don't adjust any of them this way unless you know what impact it will have on the esm itself and any mods you're using.

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