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If This Video Doesn't Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Will


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how can you call friend someone you are not and will never meet
who will never come to help you move that couch on other side of room
who will never join you fishing hunting hiking BBQ
friend is person ready to die for you and you for him

others are acquaintances who passes through your live same as winter and summer


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I never understood the fascination with social media. I do not even have access to the internet on my phone. My facebook account was made out of necessity to apply for a job, yes as weird as it sounds it required sending my application over facebook.


I am not here to down talk people using social media as the video criticized it, but I would love to understand why is it so popular. Selfies, pictures of mundane things like your food order and the like.


I guess since I am pretty anti social in actual life I am as anti social in the "virtual life" lol

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I don't really care, if some has such deviation to use FB or talk by phone for hours. I can't stand talking more than 10 min by phone and as rude as it maybe I often  hurry up caller to make his point and end call


They chose to use it, I chose to not to :P

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Don't worry I do go on facebook like 10 mins every weeks ^^, and about phones I do only respond to people, or talk sometimes to some "a bit more than facebook" friend. The problems is having a good friend is harder now.  I never had a friend that I could call "brother"

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I can barely hold a conversation over text messages and calls I never know what to say over texts and calls, I always prefer face-to-face conversation I can talk on for a long time with I'm talking face-to-face.

And it's extremely rude to be texting others while talking with someone. It's like they don't even care, put your damn phone down for 5 minutes. You'll live without a phone for a day.

I'm proud that I barely use my phone or social media, while I admit it's a very useful tool, we shouldn't use it as our main source of social interaction.

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Guest endgameaddiction

Good video, but pointless. Simply because it's not going to change the world. It's too late for most peeps. They are sucked too far in these devices. People are going to request to be buried with their iphones hoping they will be able text message and skype in the afterlife. G__ who? Oh, you. H or H? I'll take which ever gives me better reception.

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Yeah a close friend of mine literally never puts his phone down.

It pisses me off when I try to talk and he doesn't wana put the damn thing down.

Or when I go to grab us drinks and I come back literally 10 seconds later and hes on his phone trying to watch a video when we were just doing something together.

Not always a problem thank god, but damn often enough.


my comment on the video

It's not the technology that's the problem, it's the way it's used.
It's all new and people have yet to learn how to use is responsively.
Then again so many things that have been around much longer are used irresponsibly, like cars, alcohol, and drugs, even our planet as a whole is being abused.

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Guest Mogie56

Total and complete insecurity with no maturity what so ever, Talking = Skype, Phone = Texting. So insecure you have to lay out your entire life on Social Media the anonymity means others don't have to be nice, they can reveal their true nature with no consequence and rip you for no other reason then they think it's funny. 

Insecure, heartless and starving for attention. The future isn't about robots, their already here. Humans with devices. What's next. Actually nevermind, I really don't want to know.

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One thing that really bothers me is all the stupid shit people will do on camera just for the purpose of sharing it on social media.


I saw a series of videos on youtube a while back where this kid's dad recorded confrontations between the kid and his mom and step-dad during a custody battle. Apparently the kid wanted to stay with his dad, but court order was to go with his mom. So he just sat there distraught, while his dad shoved a camera in his face and cursed his mom, until an officer came and actually had a heart-to-heart with him and convinced him to go with his mom. There was no reason to record any of this, and certainly no reason to upload it to youtube. What's worse is he was asking for donations in the video description. I even read the court deposition and it was pretty clear that this guy just didn't want to pay child support.


It's sickening really


Oh and what about all the cases of suicides caused from cyber-bullying on social media sites?

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Saw a phone sitting on my boss's desk.  Not my boss's thing to leave a phone lying around, and it's all beat up, with at least three holes in the screen and cracked.  I asked about it and the story is that some guy dropped his phone out of his pocket, didn't realize it, then ran it over with his truck.  Woo hoo!  Two days in and no one has yet claimed what's left of the phone.  Wonder why.  :lol:

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