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Tech questions related with sexlab and its-subplugins.........


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1. When we play sexlab framework and sex plugins by default , the sex animations are loaded follow a pre-designed sequence.      Is it possible to DIY the loading sequence of animation via sexlab setting options ?


2. Debugging text of sexlab animations are shown whenever sex behavior is started or position changed.  

    Is it allowed to create a bat file as manual control triggers .


3. We can find the profile options inside the configuration panel of sex lab,   *.json  notation numbered from 1 - 5,  is that *.json file related with animation loading sequence,  if related  how does it work to decide the load order ?  i can detect the animation group are diff when select particular (1-5).json profile. 


4. Are user allowed to write any sexlab framework Api in external *.txt to run bat command in game console  to trigger position changes / progression of the sex animation  ?


5.  As we find some when we set sexlab animation play option from auto to manually trigger, 

    if we press too many times of progression key, it will quit the animation via triggering the end of sex animation 

    how do we detect whether the current playing animation has 3 progression,or  4 progressions to play with,

   so as to know the exact progression position , as in most of the foreplay animation , body movement changes a lot compared with in-sex animations ( in which speed changes greater than relative movement(displayment)  

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