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(WIP) Velothians: A new custom race ~ by Trykz


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If you're unfamiliar with who Veloth the Prophet is, you can read a bit here to get a bit more background and understanding of where the concepts of this race originate:







For my own little twist on things, I created this race to be truly dedicated healers. Weapons will do you no good (they can wield them, albeit very inefficiently). For solo play, they're HIGHLY ineffective at low level. But with a LOT of attention paid to the magic schools, they'll be truly devastating at higher levels. Early on, they're at their best when paired with a suitable companion (like the one that will be included), who they are more than adequately equipped to heal and cure of any nearly anything. Even vampirism  ;) . They are exceptionally powerful against undead, able to repel them to range for uninterrupted spell casting.




Their non-physical nature is reflected in their reduced health and stamina. Your average bandit can one-shot them with handheld weapons, and an archer takes only a few shots to put them out of commission completely. So again, keep that companion alive and healthy if you want to survive  :D


This race will include a sufficient arsenal of custom spells for early gameplay, with the more advanced spells found as loot throughout Skyrim's dungeons. Since I want to use a wide variety of spells and effects from both Dawnguard AND Dragonborn, BOTH of these DLCs will be required (I suspect most will have them by now anyway).


More on this as things progress......



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It's been a long week of adventuring.

All you want to do is get into Breezehome

and relax. But wtf? Whiterun is overrun by

vampires! Oh well..... someone has to deal

with this.....




Bodyslam your foes with Kinetic Force!

Kinetic Force will raise them off the ground

for you to toss anywhere. But be wary of

the guards who will inevitably get in the way.


More to come......



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