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Khajiit / Argonian body issue, mod?


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Undressed Khajiit and Argonians only have visible heads / hands / feet, the rest of them are invisible.... in my game curently.


I... don't really know what might be causing this, is there a mod that upgrades/improves these two species bodies that may make them visible to me again?



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I tried all of these...


I don't know whats going on.


I did a complete reinstall of Skyrim and all my mods and it still takes Khajiit and Argonian and when they strip you BRIEFLY see their bodies, and then they vanish except for their Heads Hands and Feet / Tails.


Torso and Legs are completely invisible.


I think it might be a SOS issue


But if SOS was doing this for everyone, it'd be fixed already... So I'm completely stumped and it sucks. :/

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