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clean SL without losing SD+ data


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I think something between the SL and DD frameworks and plugins I've got data that needs to be cleaned to make my saves playable. I've put off removing them because I don't want to lose the progress I've made in SD quests. Is that saved in the .ske file, or will that be gone after reinstall?

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I've tried that successfully on a few other mods, but when you get into the tiers of frameworks SD rests on, one-click solutions don't work and it gets difficult to distinguish data sources. When I've tried on the SL to SD frameworks, I've gotten saves that were either just as unplayable or worse. If I remove mods it becomes easier to pick out the unattached and orphaned instances and scripts, but there's still so many that I can't be sure I'm leaving the SD data intact when I start removing them.


I can load a semi-stable save with all of my history intact, for long enough to export/extract/dump whatever information I can reintegrate later. But maybe there's a way that's either more guaranteed or easier.

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