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Good ENB for outdoors


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Natural Lighting for ENB does brilliant exteriors. No idea what it's interiors are like as my old pc couldn't run it too well, but I'd guess it's probably quite neutral, probably closer to vanilla than the more stylised ENBs that tend to use a lot of bloom and sepia tones to get that softness.

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I've tried Real Vision ENB but usually when outdoors the NPCs don't look as nice.  Looking for an ENB that creates the "soft" lighting look for outdoor environments, such as some in the Post your Sex SS thread.


Like above, Opeth ENB is a good choice if you pair it along with the right mods. You can also take a look at AIR ENB and HRK Two ENB. They seem to be the popular ENBs for people that like to have their NPC's and characters look nice. 

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