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[Request for help] Making skyrim characters


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Sorry to be crass and possibly quite shit but i'm horny and have been horny for awhile now.


Simply put, I want to make a character in skyrim that i can fuck based off a female friend in real life.

I tried tons of shit with ECE but I simply suck balls at making models.


So I have no idea what to do but as for help.


Are there people I can ask for help/comission to make the models for me?

Shits been going on since june, getting really desperate. I can photoshop a face decently

but fuck anything else is baked.

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Well if this were any other place that request would indeed sound a bit odd. As it is though this is the right place to get help. On that note I am also trying to create an npc but my case is a bit different than yours. Anyway, in my own search to cure my own issue I just googled 'how to create npc's in skyrim creation kit'. What came up was at least 3 youtube videos that were pretty helpful if you are just looking to create a sort of generic npc with little customization. Now, however, if your looking to do what I'm trying to do which is create a whole new race with a custom body and textures and stuff like that then those videos may not be helpful or at least not to the extent that you will need them to be. Unfortunately I can't help more than suggesting a youtube search or looking around the Creation Kit wiki page for some tutorials. If my own problem with creating a new race, which is more or less that she won't equip armor and stands around naked all day long, gets solved I will try to help you out by telling what I did.

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