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XeoSP++ - how to get purple skin characters?


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I installed the XeoSP++ mod , everything is fine except I'd like to create a purple skinned character like in the one shown in the XeoSP++ topic:




How do I go about this? The sliders don't really give me a purple skinned character. Unless I'm seeing this wrong and it's just a really pale character?

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Probably a race that was included in one of the earlier versions of Xeo, and isn't in XeoSP++. That topic's been around from the time of Xeo2 I believe.

Also, do note that messing with the texture sliders creates a face\body color mismatch. That applies to all sliders (even ones that you'd think would be unrelated, such as the blush slider).


Your best bet would be to edit a texture's color (take a pale race and make it slightly pink\purple if that's what you want, or just use Xenius's Nightelf race).


I could, of course, be wrong as I don't use Xeo.

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