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God of madness can't get laid.

Farinata of Oblivion

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Basically I played through SI hoping I could sleep with golden saints/dark seducers... only to find out that despite having a disposition of 100 they aren't interested. I used the console code to verify their disposition was at 100... 

I've looked around for quite a bit and the only thing I've found in reference to the shivering isles are golden saint armor mods... I want the bodies... not their armor. Since none of the other sex mods seem compatible with lovers I was left with little alternative but to post this in the hope that there is a plug in I missed or a mod that fixes their disposition to act more like all the companions I have, who give it up without any trouble at all... 

Also I mean consensual sex, not all the rape stuff... A non criminal, guaranteed, sex initiation is what I would like. 

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I tried it with Disposition 100 and no Problems to fuck golden saints/dark seducers. (LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP dialogs: "Want to fuck me...?" or "How about a good fuck?" or "How about we go have a little...fun?" .... all the Sex for free dialogs, no Money! no rape! )  ! I just tested it before posting !


NPCs must have Disposition 75+ to accept sex, 90 if the NPC is a virgin.

75+ if you want the NPC as your Lover (80-90 if NPC is married or virgin)


With none rape Mods like LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP/LoversVoiceSSPplus or LoversHooker NPCs need high Disposition (and Money if you use L.Hooker)

Problem: the golden saints/dark seducers have no Dialog mini game button, so you can not use speechcraft or bribe with Money.

But if you play through whole SI quest the golden Saints or dark seducers should like you at the end. ( The fraction you have chosen during the main quest. I do not know if the other faction likes you enough to accept sex. )


I do not know a Mod which adds the Dialog mini game button to the golden saints/dark seducers.


Solution1: open Console, click on a golden saints/dark seducers, add; ModDisposition Player 100  and press enter

Solution2: use Mad Companionship Spells-MCS Extension and make the NPC  to your companion. (Default Disposition is 100)

Solution3: Change the LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP/LoversVoiceSSPplus scripts and lower the Disposition NPCs must have to accept sex.


golden saints/dark seducers armors: If you want naked bodies you must use the Lovers Setting: allow to stripp unplayable armor/clothes. Or use a Mod that makes the SI armors playable.


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