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birthday tomorrow, and i have a few mod ideas that may actually be responded to here.


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hi, I have some ideas that may have good potential, and I want somebody to at least respond to them this time. the people on the nexus forums are rather none responsive to anything i put up unless it annoys them enough to respond to something in my request that might have annoyed them. my birthday is tomorrow and i want at least a response to my ideas. the following were copied and pasted from my forum topic. -----] <---beginning and ending marks of posts.




[------um i was thinking of some predominately sexy armor that would be great for female companions and characters. they are prominently from the characters of the warcraft universe: Sylvanas and Alexstrasza, i find the game missing such armors that are covering yet not too skimpy ingame. yea there are a lot of armors that are skimpy or similiar to this, but not to a an extent to be both sexy and covering (am I the only one or is having exposed breasts and/or vagina getting tiring, and becoming a rather tiresome constant? I just want something sexy and not too revealing (this works very well as it shows enough curves but leaves things to be desired) I'm gonna go play some skyrim and possibly neverwinter or Swtor now. I'd like to hear a response of some sort you don't even have to take it up.


Required mods:


Hdt Heels: (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/?)


CBBE: Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/?)


Latest SKSE: (http://skse.silverlock.org/)






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Making an armour is real intense work. It takes anywhere between 20 up to 40+ hours to make something from scratch the proper way. Heck, most freelancers easily ask 20-50 dollar an hour for 3d work. You can imagine why people won't just make you an armour from scratch, it's like giving you a 2000 dollar gift, if time is money (it usually is). But there's many good ones already in existence. Maybe someone can recolour one for you, that won't take long. If you like an armour but want it in a different colour, PM me with the link and I'll recolour it for your birthday as soon as I can. :) And happy birthday!

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