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Hotkey Issues and a Question

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Now, before I post, I have searched forums, read the faqs and all that fun stuff.


I have the Disable Victim Controls turned off and as far as I can tell, I have not double entries on hotkeys from different mods.


My problem is.. Hotkeys don't work... period....  I can use the basic, default hotkeys that Skyrim comes with but when I try to use any of the hotkeys assigned to any of the mods i've downloaded and installed, they just don't work.. at all.


This is my Load Order, sorted by LOOT.  I have little to no conflicts with the game(Currently only have run into two bugs, one is the annoying Vilkas bug and another is a bug that cropped up only after I agreed to help Saadia in Whiterun.  I could enter dragonreach at will before agreeing to help her, but once I agreed, it's a CTD, just bypassed a part with console commands.)


Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
Unofficial Dragonboard.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
DeviousDevices - Integration.esm
Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
SoS - Smurf Average Addon.esp
Sexlab Aroused Creatures.esp
SDpatch - frostfall.esp(can I uncheck this, as I don't have frostfall?)
dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
Osare GothicLolita.esp
SDpatch - dragonborn.esp
SexLab Submit.exp
Devious Deviants.esp
SexLab Romance.esp
SDPatch - dawnguard.esp
SoS - Shop.esp
SoS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
SoS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp


I'm also not sure just how Aroused/Aroused Creatures is supposed to work.. so far i've been able to use Radiant just fine, and Romance just fine, but I used MoreNastyCritters for the creatures install(following directions/etc).  How do the numbers work for arousal?


Thanks for any help y'all can give me, I appreciate it.. I've worked through most of my issues using google, searches, faqs and stuff, but the hotkey one I just can't find anything about.. maybe just not smart enough to find the right words to narrow my search down to, and keep getting too much other generic stuff.

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We need a papyrus log to see if there any specific errors. Just play for a few minutes, trigger a sex scene and try to use the hotkeys, then post the log from that.


If assigned hotkeys are not working for any mods then it may be a SKSE or SkiUI issue - might require reinstalling these to be sure nothing is corrupted. Make sure your version of SKSE is the latest (1.7.1 as of writing).



As for Aroused Creatures, if creatures are enabled in the SexLab MCM then it should work without doing anything else. The effect is that occasionally a passive creature (usually a horse or dog) will decide to rape a nearby NPC or PC.


All SL Aroused does is set a value on every actor indicating their level of arousal between 0-100. Various SL mods use this to produce more immersive interactive sex, essentially giving actors the ability to want sex. The internal math for SLA is a bit complex and I really do not recommend using anything other than the default values in the SLA MCM. Basically seeing someone naked or seeing someone have sex increases an actor's arousal, having sex or going for long periods without seeing anything arousing will reduce their arousal. Aroused Creatures uses these values to determine if a creature wants to take advantage of an actor.


If you just want to know if Aroused Creatures is working then you can set the Creature Arousal Threshold to 0 for both PC and NPC. Then just hang around a stable for a few minutes.

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