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Red Lights for Inns


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This could be classified as a modder's resource.. I guess. But can aslo function along with any mods that add prostitution to the inns of Skyrim (namely Radient Prostitution Tweaked in conjunction with Immersive Wenches or the like).




What this mod does is it adds red lanterns to every inn in Skyrim. Some effort has been made to make it appear as though the lanterns have always been a part of the game. This is meant purely for aesthetics and nothing else.




Ths mod might not be compatable with anything that changes the appearance of the inns of skyrim.



All meshes and textures have come from Skyrim its self, no other source was used.





Red Lights for Inns.rar




As stated before, this is also intened as a modder's resourc; in other words, feel free to include this in your own mod, if desired.



UPDATE: Not sure if anyone is still following this but I changed some things I didn't like about the original. This new version features a new texture, slightly more opaque glass, and another mesh for the lanterns that sit on barrels (as it looks kind of silly to have the handles sticking up in mid air).


(In this pic the handle is up, but in the new version the handle is down)



Red Lights for Inns v2.rar

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