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REQ: SCO: winter edition


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So I had downloaded a mod from nexus called SCO: Summer edition that made skyrim completely summer and had other options for desert and completely winter, i'm sure you've heard of this mod. Nexus like a fucking jack ass or the mod author for whatever reason has taken it down and I can't download the winter version. Does anyone happen to have the download and be willing to host it somewhere to download it, If also the option for dead tree's. I wanted my skyrim to have a dead cold winters look to it.




Thanks in advance people!







*Walks out*





EDIT: Found out it mightve been taken out because of a bug but just in case a link would still be awesome!

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Given Aceeq's personality and aversion to some form of criticism, you'll have to put up with him and hope that he gets his mods ready (not at Nexus, of course -- he got fed up with the commentary, which explains why he bolted out of there and built a website to host his mods).

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As Rayblue said I have uploaded summer and tropical edition to my website. Winter Edition is gone, mabye not forever but I have no plans to reupload it, since winter edition is too much work to do, while summer and tropical are much easier to work on. But if anyone wants to upload the winter edition on some filehoster and put in a link here I have no problem with that :)

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