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[Request] Warhammer 40K Armour and Weapons


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I was just reading the Comments for the Post Assault Rifles Mod ! (if anyone need it) and it brought back Memories of an absolutely hilarious Mod for another Bethesda Game: Fallout New Vegas.


For FONV there are some Mods bringing the Warhammer 40K Universe to New Vegas. For example:





It would be great,... No: It would be AMAZING, if anybody could make at least some of the Armours and Weapons avaible in Skyrim (Even thoug it would be necessary to have or to aquire some deeper knowledge about the WH40K Universe).


Here what I'm thinking about:





(best would be Ultramarines, Bloodangels or Bloodravens. For the Sororitas how about Order of the Sacred Rose or Order of the Argent Shroud.)


Male->Space Marines Armour, Female->Adepta Sororitas Armour. Maybe the same Armour with different appearance depending who is wearing it.



- Scout Armour / Repentia Armour (or Death Cult Assassin Armour)

- Space Marine Power Armour / Battle Sister Power Armour

- Terminator Armour / Celestian Armour

- (Maybe) Centurion Armour / Living Saint Armour



(The Assault Rifle Mod should be very useful)


- Chainsword

- Bolt Pistol

- Boltgun

- Storm Bolter

- Heavy Bolter

- Assault Cannon

- Autocannon (Maybe just for the Centurion and Terminator Armour)

- Lascannon (Maybe just for the Centurion and Terminator Armour)

- Plasma Pistol

- Plasma Gun

- Meltagun

I think Flamers are not needed, because there is already the Spell "Flames". Also the Powered Weapons are not intersting because there would be no difference to Skyrim-Weapons bearing the "Shock Damage"-Enchantment.




A very good beginning is already made: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14727/? + http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13506/?


If there is somebody who can do this: Very BIG pretty Please :)

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