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Assault Rifles Mod ! (if anyone need it)


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Hi all.

I decided to open new section on my website that will be dedicated to the lost or rare mods.

So first one is well maybe not THAT rare but i saw that this mod was removed from a lot of chinese modding communities and actually full version of this mod on english is quite hard to find. So i decided to sahre it with all of you. 4 assault rifles from this mod is actually included with my follower mod Ada Wong. But now i want to share the full version of this mod on english.


This mod will add a lot of different modern assault rifles to the skyrim as well as some other modern guns (no pistols unfortunately)


Here on my website you can find the brief description and few pics of this mod http://skyrimmods.wix.com/shadowdancer#!rare--lost-mods-/c1dgu

(as well as the download link too)


And here you can download it - http://dfiles.ru/files/lj3kjyzte


No readme files is provided cause the installation process is very simple just like with any ordinary mods. Copy & Paste. But dont use nmm or other tool for installation. Do it manually.


P.S. Also, dont need to scream here that this mod is not RARE or something like "I know where to get it" and other bullshit. I just share mod in case that someone may need full english version of it.


Thank you all !


See you !

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can you give link to the original page if it still exist? thankies C:


no i cant, simply cause i dont remember where i get it. But i guess google can help you with this. Also, i checked one chinese website where this mod was, but download links there are unavailable now. So you can get it here or well spend time in google and maybe you will be lucky to find it.

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Hmmm... The Ammo is also made of Steel?  :huh:  For mor realistic it should be probably Corundum. Steel Bullets, if used, should have something like Armor piercing ability. The only known Bullets made completely of steel (opposite to full metal jacket) are kinetic energy penetrators.


Ooooh, think of it this way: "Daedric Armor? Suck my Armor piercing Rounds, Sucker!" :lol:


Yeah i guess you are right, but im not the original author of this mod so i cant do anything about it. Just share it.

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