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Brighter Caves, Regular Interiors?

Spyder Arachnid

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Probably not a tech support issue, but didn't really know where else to ask.



Currently I'm using Relighting Skyrim with Enhanced Lighting for ENB, with Climates of Tamriel and Seasons of Skyrim ENB. They look absolutely gorgeous together. I'm also using the Post-Process Effects for ENB as well, to add that extra bit of vibrancy and contrast.


So I've tweaked Seasons of Skyrim ENB pretty decently via the GUI, and have made night exteriors a bit brighter so it isn't pitch black. Adjust brightness here and there to my liking for other time zones. Even adjusted interiors as well so they are more brighter during the day, and a bit darker during night.



It all looks great, fantastic, wonderful, awesome. Only downside? Caves are always pitch black. Or just dungeons in general. They are always SOO dark, like extremely dark. I have to use Candlelight, Magelight, or a Torch just to see ANYTHING. Which sucks as an Archer trying to use Stealth. Cause once I see an enemy, and switch to bow, I can't see the enemy anymore. And if I walk around with Candlelight on, it makes my Stealth useless.


Interiors of buildings look just perfect and how I want them. So if I adjust the brightness in caves so I can see things, it also adjust the brightness in buildings as well and makes them extremely bright.



So I'm curious if there is a way to ONLY adjust dungeon brightness while keeping buildings intact? Or if there is a mod of some sort that does this already? Make dungeons brighter, while still keeping building interiors nicely lit. Any help would be appreciated. :)

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When you installed Climates of Tamriel on the first set of install options, the very top one is Dungeons and Caves. I have a fairly similar setup on my desktop system and I could absolutely NOT use a stealthy/archer type character without having to use magelight, candlelight or a lantern/torch. Not so convenient. I took the Default Experience and that's OH so much better. And that option only changes things for Dungeons and Caves.

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Well I'm using the default experience for all of the options in Climates of Tamriel. Yet it is all still completely black.


I'm probably guessing it has to do with Relighting Skyrim and Enhanced Lighting for ENB, though I would really hate to have to do without them. Though it could be CoT for all I know as well. Might uninstall it to see if it changes anything, though again, it's one of those necessary mods for me and would hate to be without it. Unless there is a better weather system out since CoT that won't affect dungeons and caves lol.

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You could try installing Relighting Skyrim with the Exteriors only option. See what it does for dungeons and caves. I'm nowhere near my desktop at the moment so I can't tell you if that's how I configured it or not.


Edited to add: I consider Climates of Tamriel to be pretty essential. The weathers in Realistic Lighting Overhaul are pretty good. But... I just have all kinds of :wub: for CoT.

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