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Importing Pre-recorded Voices into Skyrim & Generating .lip Files


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Hello, and thank you in advance for reading my post.


I am hoping I can find some help with finding a successful way to import some voice dialogue (.wav format) into some conversation with a NPC I have.  I have (semi - successfully) managed to use the voice recorder that the Creation Kit provides (.lip files worked) but I am not happy with the quality of the sound.  I used the proper recording values when recording.


I have Audacity (an excellent freeware recording utility), which I used to make some dialogue.  I tried doing various things including re - naming my files to the "Temp.wav" files, tried several suggestions from forums, but none with any success.


I am hoping to find a way to generate .lip files for my custom dialogue recordings...and not only that, but to convert (or encode?) them into wxml format.


Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.




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