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Lost/buried Sexlab downloads

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Actually, this can apply to Fallout 3, FNV, Oblivion, etc. games on this site.


Does anyone have a listing of all the downloadable content that is not listed in the downloads section?

For example, a few weeks ago (?timeframe?) there was a post that added a devious device that was based on the death hound collar... I downloaded it once, tried it out, and subsequently lost it somewhere. And now I can't find the original post.

It isn't located here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/category/1-skyrim/

Because it was a topic, not a download.


I'd like to find it again... and I could well ask in the "where can I find" forum... but I was wondering just how much is out there like this one that I've missed entirely.

So... is there a list somewhere? An archive I can access?


EDIT: Found it.

But I'd still like to know about other downloads...

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