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Mod Organizer Trouble


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Right, so I've just recently reinstalled Skyrim, started completely fresh and decided to use Mod Organizer instead of Nexus Mod Manager. I've watched Gopher's videos and followed them to the best of my ability but lo and behold I've run into problems.


This is what my plugin list looks like at the moment:



24909,"aMidianBorn Book of Silence","1.9.0","aMidianBorn book of silence_WEAPONS-24909-1-9.7z"
34539,"Battle Hardened Warpaints","2.5.0","-STANDALONE- High Res Battle Hardened Warpaints Sets 1-4 -34539-2-5.rar"
21576,"Beans Badass Women-- THE COMPILATION","1.1.0","1_1 Patch WEIGHT FIX-21576-1-1.rar"
2812,"Better Females by Bella","3.0.0","Better Females by Bella Version 3-2812-3.zip"
35399,"Book Covers Skyrim","2.9.4","Covers Skyrim 2_9_4 LEGENDARY - Original-35399-2-9-4.7z"
50441,"Book Covers Skyrim - Compatibility Patch Collection","2.9.4","BCS Compatibility Patch Collection - 2_9_4 Legendary ONLY-50441-2-9-4.7z"
39799,"Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch","16.0.0","Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch-39799-16.rar"
43053,"Clothing and Clutter Fixes","1.3.0","Clothing and Clutter Fixes - LEGENDARY-43053-1-3.zip"
41169,"Custom Skeleton Replacers SOS Edition","2.0.0","SOS Basic 15-41169-2.zip"
3829,"Deadly Dragons","6.3.5",""
8207,"Dimes Quickstart","1.5.0","QuickStart3_v1-5-8207-1-5.rar"
27043,"Enhanced Lights and FX","2.0.0","Enhanced Lights and FX - Dragonborn-27043-2-0.7z"
24273,"Ethereal Elven Overhaul","1.1.1","Ethereal Elven Overhaul-24273-1-1-1.zip"
37994,"Falskaar","1.1.4","Falskaar V1_1_4-37994-1-1-4.7z"
11811,"Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS","5.1.1","FNIS Creature Pack 5_1-11811-5-1.7z"
11163,"Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival","2.6.0","Frostfall 2_6 Release-11163-2-6.7z"
35841,"Helgen Reborn","105.3.0","Helgen Reborn V105_3-35841-105-3.7z"
58062,"Hermaeus Mora Priestess Armor","f1.03","Animated Textures-58062-1-03.7z"
19733,"Immersive Armors","7.1.0","Immersive Armors v7_1-19733-7-1.7z"
3222,"Immersive HUD - iHUD","3.0.0","Immersive HUD v3-3222-3-0.rar"
27644,"Immersive Weapons","1.5.0","Immersive Weapons-27644-1-5.7z"
0,"K2 HiRezLipMask","d2014.9.18","C:/Users/Marcus/Downloads/K2_HiRezLipMask.rar"
7403,"Lovely Hairstyles","2.0.0","Lovely Hairstyles CE-7403-2-0.rar"
17802,"Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel-V3","3.1.0","Climates Of Tamriel - Dragonborn Patch-17802-3-1.zip"
29624,"RaceMenu","2.9.1","RaceMenu v2-9-1-29624-2-9-1.7z"
601,"Realistic Ragdolls and Force","1.9.0","Realistic Force-601-1-9.rar"
30936,"RealVision ENB 262c","262.0.0c","RealVision ENB 262c-30936-262c.7z"
28467,"ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator","2.5.1","ReProccer_2_5_1-28467-2-5-1.7z"
0,"ReProccer Patch Vanessa","",""
0,"SKSE 1 07 01 Scripts","d2014.9.18","C:/Users/Marcus/Downloads/skse_1_07_01.7z"
48629,"SkyRe Compatibility and ReProccer Patches","2.5.0","Reproccer Patches SkyRe   -48629-2-5-1.7z"
1175,"Skyrim -Community- Uncapper","1.15.2","Skyrim -Community- Uncapper v1_15_2_0-1175-1-15-2-0.rar"
0,"SOS","d2014.9.19","C:/Users/Marcus/Downloads/SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim -"
0,"SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.9","d2014.9.19","C:/Users/Marcus/Downloads/SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.9.7z"
57909,"Sotteta Huntress Armor UNP","1.0.0","C. Sotteta Huntress Armor 1k-57909-1-0.7z"
8655,"Static Mesh Improvement Mod","1.74.0","SMIM 1-74-8655-1-74.7z"
27022,"Supreme Storms","3.1.0","Supreme Storms for Climates of Tamriel 3_1-27022-3-1.rar"
9286,"T3nd0s Skyrim Redone","1.3.1","SkyRe_1301-9286-1-3-01.7z"
13722,"The Eyes Of Beauty","10.0.1","TEOB Elven Edition-13722-10-0-1.rar"
33017,"Tropical Skyrim -- A Climate Overhaul","1.1.0","UPDATE v1_1  -- DOWNLOAD THIS -33017-1-1.zip"
40607,"Undeath","1.3.0","Skyrim - Undeath 1-3-40607-1-3.rar"
33292,"Unique Uniques","1.7.0a","Unique Uniques-33292-1-7a.7z"
23491,"Unofficial Dawnguard Patch","2.0.6","Unofficial Dawnguard Patch-23491-2-0-6.7z"
31083,"Unofficial Dragonborn Patch","2.0.6","Unofficial Dragonborn Patch-31083-2-0-6.7z"
25127,"Unofficial Hearthfire Patch","2.0.6a","Unofficial Hearthfire Patch-25127-2-0-6a.7z"
31255,"Unofficial High Resolution Patch","1.1.8","Unofficial High Resolution Patch-31255-1-1-8.7z"
19,"Unofficial Skyrim Patch","2.0.6","Unofficial Skyrim Patch-19-2-0-6.7z"
37900,"UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT","2.5.2","UNPB Body NMM BAIN Installer v2-5-2 FIX-37900-2-5-2.7z"
34093,"Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade","5.0.0","Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade-34093-5-0.zip"
25704,"Wyrmstooth","1.12.0","Wyrmstooth 1_12-25704-1-12.zip"
26800,"XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS","1.93.0a","XPMS 1-93a NMM-BAIN INSTALLER-26800-1-93a.zip"
0,"ZazAnimationPack Main V0600","d2014.9.19","C:/Users/Marcus/Downloads/ZazAnimationPack_Main_V0600.7z"
0,"ZazAnimationPack Textures V0600","d2014.9.19","C:/Users/Marcus/Downloads/ZazAnimationPack_Textures_V0600.7z"



(They're listed alphabetically and I'm not sure how to change it, since I exported this list directly from MO.)


Currently the main problem is that ReProccer won't work as it's supposed to. I've got it set up as an executable through MO and it does open up ReProccer window. But when I select "Patch" nothing happens except for a quick refresh on my mod list.


The problem most is likely this. I've tried to select and drag the folder over to the ReProccer mod in my list, but as soon as I try to run it, it's there again.


Also, as soon as I start playing I get this error message:

RaceMenu Error(s): Invalid RaceMenuBase script version detected (0) expected (4). Please update your base script.

(Loose Base Scripts v2-9-0 is installed.)


If anyone could help me solve this ungodly mess I've put myself in, I'd be eternally grateful.

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