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Better body mod?


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Looking from the current ones, I switched from CBBE to UNP and I wondered if I should move to 7b or UPB but I don't care for the HUGE BOOBS they give. More natural ones don't seem to exist in body mods. Are there any around to be aware of? Or personal preference where weight slider works?

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Personal preference for a slider wieght with the Body Replacer.

I use CBBE with proportions almost identical to the Body under the Oblivion version of Silverlite Armor by Jojjo. I just like My characters with a little more waist than UNP/UNPB provides.

If I was not so invested into CBBE by Mods, Seven Base or C.I.T.R.U.S. would be My choice.

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Bombshell B Cup is quite nicely proportioned, it's the typically meaty 7B but with significantly smaller breasts at anything below 80% weight. My ideal body mod would be Bombshell's chunky lower half and strong shoulders,original UNP's bust shape but without the mass of deformations you get in poses.


If Demonica had any decent customisation it would be a genuine option, but I'm really quite creeped out whenever I see her - that same exact face staring back at me from every screenshot I've ever seen *shudder* 

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If Demonica had any decent customisation it would be a genuine option, but I'm really quite creeped out whenever I see her - that same exact face staring back at me from every screenshot I've ever seen *shudder* 


Definitely a creepy thing. Like there's nothing behind the eyes, yet it stares into you.



OP since you're using UNP you can switch bodies around, the textures and normals match. I have my game with all NPCs and most armors in Dreamgirl. My character used to run in a modified Dreamgirl, which was like a mixture between Dreamgirl and 7base(lower) - it's not even around anymore, I don't know what happened to that mod(tried searching to link you). A number of other added armors I use are 7bo, like Hmm What to Wear.


Personally, I think DG is the best for all NPCs and a lot of clothing. I think CNHF looks great in some of the armors, but the skeleton doesn't match up in my game. 


I mean, some bodies look better in certain armors than others. While on the other hand, some bodies look better nude, than others. To me, 7bo makes body normal maps look the best around the torso and abdomen, DG on the arms.


XPMS and Racemenu takes care of the rest. For all non-DG bodies I have to fix the wrist and ankles and stuff, there are some things that can't be unseen once you switch to DG and look at UNP.


I don't think I could just run fully with a single body mod. Mixing and matching different bodies that look best and/or believable in different armors and clothing, create the most appealing results for me. 


Also, there's this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56463/?


I'm probably going to switch a couple of vanilla armors to that body.


There are also lesser known bodies out there that share the same texture layout, such as Venus: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52948/?

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To OP:


This thread will likely degenerate really fast with your provocative topic.  There is no "best" or "better" body mod in regard to body shapes which is totally up to personal subjective preference.  People have argued endlessly in various threads and the answer is always "to each his/her own".  As for technical discussion my suggestion is to read up in the "Why people still use CBBE" thread or the "CITRUS body project" thread to get an idea of what's available and what's to come.  


If you have something specific in mind then start a new post in "where can I find" thread and people will help in getting the body mod you are interested. 

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