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How to fix neck gap in custom follower mod?


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I have never made a custom follower myself but I figure this is a nice intro to CK and follower mod construction.


I downloaded a custom follower from a Chinese site but her nude is very poorly put together.  The character looks fine in the armor that comes with the mod and I believe the body is UNP/B.  However, there is a big neck gap and the feet mesh is a mess (like using CBBE shoes on UNP body) in nude.  I tried replace the meshes with another full working set but the neck gap won't go away. 


The common answer to neck gap is to set weight above 100.  I changed _Ameliel_SkinNaked weight from 0 to 150 in CK but the gap is still there.


The mod differs in other custom follower mods I've seen is that it only comes with _1 mesh for hand/feet/body and no _0.


How do I fix this?



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