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Another Sleep Mod help?


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I hate asking for help with a mod that isn't even on this site, but I'm getting no response from either the Steam Workshop or Nexus communities.  Hopefully, somebody around here has experience with the mod that's giving me problems.


I recently started using Another Sleep Mod, which does a really neat job of showing the "go to sleep" and "wake up" animations for your PC.  (Other mods that do this tend to be game-breakingly problematic.)  ASM also includes options for your PC to automatically redress into bed clothes, and herein lies the bug.


You can independently set bed clothes for each equipment slot and are given a list of available items in your inventory.  The problem is that my options for the body slot are restricted to one item: Blue Robes.  No other clothing or armor item in my inventory is available for use.  Meanwhile, every hat, boot, ring, and so on works just fine for the other slots.  It's only the body slot that is a problem.


Just to cover my bases, I already asked the author of the body mod I'm using, BBL2.0, to see if his tweaking vanilla gear might have caused a mix-up in the slotmask values, but no.  Any ideas?

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