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Carrot power!


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For my first adult mod ever:

I am working on making it where if you crouch and select a carrot (or a leek), you can choose the option of masturbating with it.

I might expand it to where other things can be inserted (tell me what you want to see)

Currently it isnt available for the public because I just started.



I have decided since I would have to add the carrot to the animation, I am going to replace the carrot with a larger carrot that resembles a cartoon carrot.



Things I would like to do:

I would like to add something to the animation that involves stretching labial lips- don't count on this.

Make this also available as a spell that afterwards adds the item "delicious carrot" to your inventory as food.

multiple animations(standing, orgasmic, laying down, sitting)


Things I may do when I finish the animation:

add CM support where you can tell your companion to masturbate with a carrot if they have one in their inventory

add support for companions using the carrot on the player.


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This is an ingenious idea, exactly what I need! I really hope you can pull this off and get it done.

I might expand it to where other things can be inserted (tell me what you want to see)

Well, certainly this:







Especially interesting for one of my characters, a Necromancer girl: Mort Flesh (a scaled-down version to make insertion more believable).

Also possible: Unicorn Horn (no problem to get if it's added by a spell), Flame and Fungus Stalks, small-scale Swamp Tentacle, Hunger Tongue...


A nice touch would be if the carrot (or any other phallic food item) granted some form of stat boost or temporary buff when consumed after use, complete with a descriptive text along the lines of "Juicy carrot tastes soo much better, you feel your personality increase with every drop you lick from the dripping vegetable..." Umm, sorry, got carried away :s. Different food items - different attribute boosts.

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I would like to add something to the animation that involves stretching labial lips- don't count on this.


Have a look at this technique



Post #16 has a couple of shots of penis in position that might easily be a carrot.



Bunny needs her carrots. Please, if you make this mod for PCs can you make it so it can be cast on NPCs.


PS are you familiar with that old French poem - Rimbaud I think it was -


"Dans son boudoir la petite Charlotte,

Chaude du con, faute d'avoir un vit,

Se masturbait avec une carotte,

Et jouissait étendue sur son lit...."


Tragic story... the carrot breaks.


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I might make it a spell, but I would rather add a speech option where you can give them a carrot or use a carrot on them. Maybe I should make this compatable with lovers...



If this mod turns out well, I might make a quest involving a golden carrot and an insertion contest.


It is way too early to be thinking about that though.

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i don't like those gem shards, they look pointy and dangerous, not to say anything about the ingots, maybe the pearls and spherical stuff, but think into putting more soul into it... soulgems make for perfect size and shape, no pointy or sharp parts, also if filled up, they should vibrate with soul power, also when done the soul gets consumed, the stone dissapear and you refill all your magical stuff like using a varla stone, would only work with blacksoulgems 1600 sp and great soul gems 1600 sp, the others just work as vibrators and make your char orgasm... never to be consumed :3

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I'm not doing gems, If I put it in, then I wouldn't feel right until I added a bleeding animation. And I don't like doing that kind of thing because it always irritates me that the blood or liquids doesnt leave a spot on the ground for even a second.


Remember, this isn't even in alpha yet, so all of this is hypothetical.


Things I've thought of only a few things. I can add mod items to animations if you find a good one.

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Due to my hardrive crashing I now have no modding equipment and my new computer is not nearly as powerful. I lost all the work on this mod I had done, as well as all my data for every game I had that wasn't on steam. AKA I have nothing left for oblivion, so I have no way to make this without buying the game again. Sorry. If anyone liked the idea for the mod and has modding skills, they are more than welcome to try and make it. I could probably make some texture or mesh files if anyone wants them, but for now, no oblivion mods from me. I will help with writing or translating gladly. Anyone want to take a shot?

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buying the game again? some would tough you had the game & expansions in two dvds, i could share my game if ya want... my oblivion was an old version i think, bought it when it was a year after releasing, i play my game on iso, because dvd has larger loading times, so i have the games on iso type on my hd, and my oblivion & shivering islands + knights of the nine & dlc + patches safely stored on their packages along with the bunch of ps2 games i have, unless sharing is bad, it is not steam version or GOTY sorry n.nU

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