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ENB Noob...


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hi people,


just wondering ive had ENB's for a while now but recently i havehad problems with ALL the ENB's ive ever used where when the ENB is supposedly on it looks really hazy and all the colours look abit faded out and then other mode all the colours look very sharp and much darker than they normally should (unless its me)


and basically i cant tell whether the ENB is on or off...


pls help!!

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I forget the policy on linking stuff and if Nexus links are a nono. So I'm innocent. xD


If you start trying different ENBs, this is a must, it's a ENB manager, change different ones without the copy paste, delete.



I found a comparison of different ENBs, which I'm sure there's a ton of others scattered on the web.





Hope that helps some. BTW, if you hit shift+tab it'll bring up a small menu you can check/uncheck enable effect, that'll turn your enb on and off. (Most also keybind turning it off and on by just hitting shift+f4, give that try.



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did you remove all files when you install another enb?

if you install k enb after bleak and didn't delete it, game will load k ini, but it will load bleak effects


type shift enter and look for use effect, there should be some difference












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Anywhere you want, it'll normally find our skyrim directory, but you can enter it if it doesn't down near the activate button. Make a folder with the ENB from the dev site, .261, which you only need once. Then find a preset you like and make a separate folder and use the add function for the preset,  and then repeat for any preset you wanna try as well. Activate it, don't like it, select another, then activate that.

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I've found this ENB FXAA SweetFX Manager to be much better and easier to use than the other one.  It deals with folders as well as files (i.e. it recognizes those enb folders that lots of enbs have nowadays, plus it copes with those enbs that mix sweetfx/fxaa with enb, like Project ENB) and it's still being developed on and off too, whereas the other one seems to be dead.  The only post processing thingy it doesn't recognize is HiAlgo Boost, everything else it recognizes and enables you to load separately and cleanly.


Procedure (which is basically similar to the other one, but with the advantage of saving folders and being "aware" of SweetFX and FXAA too): you manually put your ENB in as recommended, then "save" it into a slot in this manager and name it (the "save/load" icons shows up when you hover over any name window), then when you want to try another ENB you hit "remove" and it will remove the setup so you can cleanly set up a new ENB.  Save that to another slot, and now you have two recallable ENBs (which you can load from their respective Load buttons), and so on and so forth.  .dlls can be mixed and matched too. 


If you make a tweak in an enblocal for an ENB you have live, you re-save it and it keeps that tweak for the next time you might want to load that setup after having loaded something else in the interim.



Very, very easy to use and doesn't make mistakes.

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