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[Req] Battle Breasts


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(slightly less silly/epic than the name suggests)


I've been using the excellent Magic Nipple mod for my mage, but sometimes shooting fire out of your tits just isn't visceral enough, y'know? Sometimes you need to hit something.


This request is aimed at getting warrior classes some breast-based combat action, as well. A chest-swinging animation should do the trick; with big enough boobs, the sweep should be similar to the hitbox for a standard melee attack. Just swap said animation in for the attack animation of your choice and voila, you're hitting things with your boobs (in theory anyway).


I would love to be able to create this myself, but unfortunately I don't have access to the software needed to mod Skyrim's animations. I hope one of you who does will find this idea amusing and make it a reality.

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I really wanted to try to be a smart ass, i did, but instead i now want to play as a hucow who beats people with her udders and milk pails and adds some ooo's to all her shouts

curse you for putting this idea in my head. now i need to start tracking down cow outfits.

Cold hands on my teats?! F`Moous ro dah!


The NiuNiu armor is perfect for this idea and I'd love to see it come to fruition as well. Possibly some different nipple piercings and caps in place of the standard weapons?


I can only imagine the scars from getting titsmacked by a set of Daedric nipple rings, if you even survive the encounter... XD

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Sex Lab Stories Devious has the "Dwemer Milking Armor" which is a chastity harness based on the milking outfit.


Combine that harness with a replacement for the unarmed "power attack" animation would be a good start.

So instead of a heavy right punch or left punch you would have a torso swing with flailing breasts....


Not sure if that would affect the male characters as well though?


I guess you could enable gender specific animations and then change the male for the same one that is in the magic nipples for shout.

So the male power attack for unarmed combat would be a cock thrust???


God help me I want to watch the first fight in the Companions Mead Hall all over again.... flailing breast vs cock thrusts....

Brawling in Skyrim would never be the same after those two animations make it into a mod!!!



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