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Butterfly-Bee and all insects flying around or near water don't show?


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I got a strange problem with 83willow 101 bugs mod some how they dissapear after installed some mod.


I gues it have to do with maybe other animal mods?


I installed it first then latest no effect?


Anybody know what can cause this not showing this wonderful mod?


Ive installed also: skyrim wild life overhaul

                            birds of skyrim

                            giantes monster mod

                            monster mod(maybe this or other way around if immersive creators installed cause this problem?)

                            pets of skyrim


                            skyrim immersive creators(see monster mod)

                            ducks and swans(prolly not, static mod?)

                            birds and flocks

                            horses gone wild

                            improved fish


I use Realistic Water Two mod with Water Plants mod also.

As ENB Seasons of Skyrim prolly don't matter what ENB is used no influence other mods?


So only problems the insects done show thats all no others bugs or errors.


Anybody had this same problem and know solution?


I use NMM(not gonne change so don't bother try change my mind hehe)LOOT and all needed mods


It's just that this never happen before i to be honest never here problem before that animals or in this case insects don'tr show up.


It's not big deal i can live with this but was just wonder if any of you ever had same problem?


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