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LoversMB2 question...


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I feel like I'm asking a n00b question, but is there any way to disable (or at least avoid) the standing masturbation animations for females? Looks kind of silly having her do it on a bed and she's standing on it half of the time. Plus, to be honest, I don't like them all that much anyway.


I'd even consider going as far as deleting the associated idle animations from my data folder, if I knew which ones they are.

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If you delete the animations you will get error Messages, and your charater or the NPC will stand motionless in idle Position.

The MB Animation are in data\characters\_male\Idleanims\mb  all kf files with 0 are  female (pose01.kf  to pose04-2.kf) the files with 1 are male (pose11.kf to pose14-2.kf)

You can replace the Standing Animation with lying animations

lying on back animations: pose01-2.kf, pose02-2.kf, pose04-2.kf

lie sideways:  pose03-2.kf

bend forward kneeling: pose01-3.kf, pose02-3.kf, pose03.kf, pose04.kf

kneeling upright: pose04-1.kf

All others are Standing animations.

So you can rename copies of the lying and/or kneeling Animations and replace the Standing animations. No ini for the Animations that you must change.


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