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Burnt feet


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Well after everyone's help with getting my game back up and running I ran into a small detail with the normal female feet texture. As long as the body is not a custom follower or race the female will have a set of burnt feet. I have reinstalling all my texture mods to see if I can override it but it's still there

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serana (file)

valerica (file)






















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Unh... I'm sure the problem's here somewhere, I'm just not totally certain...


Try renaming the "astridbody.dds" to something else (or delete it, but keep a backup in case this doesn't work) and see if that fixes it?

If that doesn't work (and I'm not holding my breath), the only thing I can think of is that somehow the femalebody_1_.dds file got mixed in with Astrid's somehow... but I don't know how that would possibly even happen.


You could try renaming/deleting the femalebody_1_.dds file, but that will almost certainly make your character look really weird, if you're using any body replacer mods like UNP or CBBE.


And now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that should be named femalebody_1.dds, not femalebody_1_.dds. There should be no terminal underscore character... but maybe one of the mods you're using causes that... try renaming that one to femalebody_1.dds and see if that fixes it. Unless it's just a typo in your post, in which case, crap.


What mods are you using... specifically, what body mesh or texture replacer mods? Maybe try redownloading and installing them and see if that fixes it?


Do you have photoshop or gimp and can open the DDS files to see what they look like?

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Foot textures are contained in the femalebody_1.dds file... if you open that with an image editor that supports .dds files, take a look at it... here's a JPG image for reference:




In your femalebody_1.dds file, what do the areas I circled look like? If they're burned, that's where the problem is coming from, and I have no idea how that could have happened. If they are not burned, the problem's something else, and I still have no idea how it happened.


You said you've reinstalled your textures, maybe... do it again? Not a helpful or nice suggestion, I know, but... third time's the charm?


I'm stumped. Sorry, wish I could help more.



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Have you checked the feet meshes in Nifskope so they look like this?




Possibly the feet meshes added by your body mod is pointing to the wrong texture files. If so, it wont matter which .dds files you remove as the mesh is getting it's textures from "Skyrim - Textures.bsa" if loose files aren't available.

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Further checking discovered this in the CBBE feet meshes that came with the 3.2 file.




The ones spawned by bodyslide 2 have the correct texture paths.




Just start up Bodyslide and select thusly from the drop boxes and click "Build".




If this doesn't fix your issue, I can't think of anything else to try.

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