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dragonborn mod question

Saoirse Drachen

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lol as funny as that was yes xD the defeat mod they can rape me to..buuuuuut..they just bounce there pelvis on me....tis weird D:


I would say it would be even more weird if the old Nords had bones within this special area?!

Afaik no one ever had the idea to do a bone dick for skeletons ;) Or maybe he did have the idea but didn't make a mod


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Hmm, how about some kind of evil strap on, made out of leather and bones or torches (not burning and the grip is inserted, not the head of the torch)? Although it would be weird to have all the skeletons run around with it all the time.

Would it be possible to classify skeletons as female for the animations and then have them equip a strap on?


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