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how to move hair?


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For some reason hair03 from Tera is bugged for me, the whole thing is shifted towards the forehead direction. So I thought I'd move it back, when I had this problem before in oblivion I just went to the nif file and translated the mesh by a certain value until it "fits". But it doesn't work here, could someone explain?



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Get 3ds Max -> import hairmesh with these settings(might wanna import the head too, as a reference):



-> make changes (might have to re-build the BSDismemberSkin modifier) -> export with these settings:




Make sure to set "Weld Vertices" to 0.00 though.


And now the fun part beings.


Open Nifskope two times. In the first, load your edited mesh, in the second the original one.


Rename the NiNode to whatever the original NiNode is called, same with NiTriShape.


In NiTriShapeData set Vertex colors to yes, press the green button to the right.


Then, from the edited mesh, copy NiTriShapeData, BSDismemberSkinInstance to the original one and set them as the active ones there, delete the old ones. Save -> put in folder -> it should work. If it doesn't, you might have to repeat the same steps, but also check the NumUVSets in NiTriShapeData and change them from 1 to 4097 and refresh (green button again). If that doesn't work, try it the other way round. Copy and pasting from the original hair over to your edited one, except for the NiTriShapeData obviously.


There really is no guarantee on which way will work, sometimes it's the one way, sometimes it's the other. And I might have forgotten a step because I don't have NifSkope in front of me at the moment and wrote this based on memory.


Either way, the hair will look slightly, just slightly different after you resized it. I guess it's due to texture stretching, or squeezing actually, but I'm not sure. I only fixed two hairs yet because they're the only ones I "wear", but if this guide doesn't help or doesn't make any sense to you, you could tell me which hair you'd like fixed and I'll look into it once I find time. Which at the moment could be a little problematic, but it's better than nothing I guess.


Example on how it will look:



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Is there any hair fix for hair 05 there three small hole on the top of the hair.




i notice that the elf in skyrim have small problem with this hair pack such the the ears being cover by small string of hair it not one but many hair type.




hope someone would fix hair 05 by the way i manage to make the file work in skyrim for npc to use.

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sorry to say now there a problem with hair 04 i use a elf BrelynaMaryon to test the hair and i somehow notice the hair is not clip to the head here two picture show




i notice that hair 03 is similar to hair 04 one tie and one not tie.




hope there is fix for this too sorry for the trouble



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