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[WIP] Playable Dinosaur Race Mod (Help Needed)


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Hello everyone, new guy here.


For a while now I've been working on creating a new playable beast race based on the Argonian, though I've encountered a bit of a problem.


This is the head mesh I've made in Blender for my new race. It's meant to fit seamlessly on the Argonian body so that I don't have to model the entire race from scratch. However, no matter what I've tried so far I couldn't get the head to show up in the game properly. It always appears as a chaotic mess of triangles. I can handle 3D modeling and working with the Creation Kit and I'm willing to invest time and effort in completing this mod, but this one part I'm stuck in. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and no reference to use.


If anyone is willing to help me solve this problem, or at the very least direct me towards any tutorials explaining how to do this, I'll be extremely thankful.


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