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SkyRe Faulty Perks? [Smithing Tree]


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So, after solving all of my textures and crashing issues a few days ago (Thanks to you guys), my Skyrim experience has been pretty boss.  Cash, if you will.  But here's an issue I just now realized.  I saw this a few days ago and thought nothing of it.  Here's a link to the screenshot since I can't upload pictures yet.  http://i.imgur.com/8nBVCfY.jpg


Now...what in the hell is that perk doing in the smithing tree?  It is preventing me from getting the perks in the middle.  I believe this is an issue with SkyRe, which I have re-installed quite a few times.  I don't believe I have any other mods that change the perk system.  *fiddles through mods folder*  Nope...no other mods that change the perk system.  Midas Magic doesn't change the perk system (or so I'm assuming), so I'm unsure as to HOW I should get rid of this annoying Illusion perk that somehow made its way over to the Smithing tree.  I mean, I could easily boost my Illusion to that point and acquire said perk...but that's cheating and I haven't used any console commands on this character (immersive playthrough).  


Any idea what/how/who/why?  I'll triple-check my mods just to make sure nothing is altering the perk system.


Major Mods installed (And in this load order.  If anything should be moved, let me know!)


Unofficial Skyrim Patch
SexLab (Bunch of SexLab mods, pain to list them all, but none alter perks, right?)
Devious Devices (Basically everything DD related is installed)
ZaZ Animations
HD Texture Packs 1, 2, and 3
Dance of Death
SkyRe (All current files + update patches for Dawnguard)
Harvest Overhaul
Display Model
Climates of Tamriel
Enhanced Character Edit
Build your own Home
Warmonger Armory
Tundra Defense
Midas Magic
Spend Dragon Souls for Perks (Might be messing things up?)
Fishing in Skyrim
Lovers Comfort
More Dragon Loot


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^ Try opening on TES5Edit and change your load order and have Skyre loaded after whatever mod is overwriting it. 


You will have to test it out yourself to see how extensive the change is and whether the mod that you have is compatible. 


Alternatively, you can just uninstall the mod that is overwriting Skyre.

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Open up TES5edit and see if any mods overwrite that perk.

The only way to be sure.

Aha!  Thank you kindly for this bit of information.  After fumbling through TES5Edit (tutorials are for casuals, amirite?) I seem to have found what's causing the issue.  It's SUPPOSED to be called Tradecraft, which lets me make jewelry, but InvestedMagicSteam (I'm assuming that's because it's from the Steam Workshop, but is no longer a mod I'm subscribed to) is changing it.  Now for my final question...wut do?


Do I change the load order so that SkyRe comes AFTER Invested Magic, or...what?  I guess I could remove Invested Magic, but I'm pretty happy with how it changes cloak spells and the different elemental skins.  I've never had load order issues that I've been aware of, so this is foreign territory to me.  I guess the main/final question is:  What should I do to ensure I get the benefits of Invested Magic AND SkyRe without nuking something from orbit?


Once again, thanks for the suggestion.  This tool will definitely help me in the future.


Edit:  Nichoice posted while I was posting and has answered my question which I had not asked at that point in time.  Therefor...problem solved.  You guys rock.  One day I'll actually have an issue worth complaining about...I promise.

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